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secure packaging

You want to set a strong brand value for your products? You must be aware that packaging is key in the way customers perceiv​​​​e your brand and services. YGTPL offers highly differentiated and secure packaging solutions, made of high value materials. YGTPL's experts work hand in hand with you to design and produce off-the-shelves or taylor-made packaging solutions that match best your marketing and communication strategies.​​​


packaging options

Packaging is selected according to the product and the customer's requirements. Palletized bags, big bags, octabins and high-sided pallets are available for selection. Our service team will be pleased to provide you with comprehensive advice on this subject.

packaging options table
package size small medium large
Package dimensions 120 x 150 x 178 120 x 150 x 178 120 x 150 x 178
Weight 35 kg 45kg 65kg
Capacity approx 158 units of textile approx 258 units of textile approx 258 units of textile